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Harold Magoon was the founder of LMCC (Lawrence/Methuen Community Coalition) as of April 1996.

Initially, Harold considered himself a Coalition Coordinator and at that time was the only employee. Over the course of the history of the coalition, Harold along with many neighborhood leaders, were able to grow the coalition into the areas of child abuse prevention; violence and crime prevention; and later, substance abuse prevention.


A passion for Harold is the ability to meet families where they are at, listening to their needs and working to find resources to support families as well as individuals.


In addition to the growth of the coalition, transitioning from Community Connections; Families and Youth Initiative (FYI)/PATCH; MOPC (Massachusetts Opioid Prevention Coalition); SAPC (Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition); then adding Drug Free Communities.  Harold has assembled a staff that shares his passion to help others, which remains at the forefront of the coalition's work.


Current grant programs include: Community Connections; FYI/PATCH; Drug Free Communities; MassCALL3; and OD2A.  For eighteen months, LMCC will partner with the Massachusetts HEALing Communities Study (HCS)-Lawrence to help reduce the number of opioid overdoses within our community as part of a federal grant.

Harold Magoon

Director LMCC

Lawrence Methuen Community Coalition
130 Parker Street, suite 01
Lawrence MA 01843

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